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Who is Guadalajara Pride 


Guadalajara Pride is one of the most important and multitudinous sexual diversity movements in Latin America, the eighth in the number of attendees (at the parade), and one of the most complete and cohesive LGBTIQ+ festivals in Mexico, which includes a cup with around 50 sports, cultural and social workshops, human rights and innovation activities that with the support of our allies, they are carried out for free for everyone.

We are a young, non-partisan movement with a deep social interest in public policies that provide equal rights and opportunities for the diverse population we represent.

To date, there have been six editions that, since 2014, have gathered together almost half a million attendees; being last June 1, 2019, the most fruitful in attendance and projection and advertising impact for our sponsors with more than 130,000 thousand people.

Since the beginning, our organization has chosen to be a celebration where all diversities can join and be part of the festivities! Coupled with this, we have positioned Guadalajara as a national meeting point for different groups throughout Mexico. We are attracted by the strength and popularity of our event, which accommodates the manifestation of the causes of equal rights and social inclusion. At the same time, we celebrate our diversity in a massive parade and a spectacular party downtown in Plaza Liberación, the most important public square in our state, with a world-class show that has been a magnificent and worthy reflection of our community.



Favorite festival for the LGBTIQ+ community in the Mexican western region.

More than 130,000 attendees

We broke attendance records in 2019 with reference to a previous year of 65,000.

Rating of 8.69 out of 10

Only 4% of the attendees gave a failing grade, giving an overall average grade of: 8.69.

Average economic revenue

Average expenditure per person $455
Spending by the general population as a whole was more than $40 Million Pesos 

600,000 people reached on social networks

We have increased interaction and engagement on our social networks exponentially with real followers. Between live video views, viral posts, and social media posts, our social networks have

Statistics supported by the Kaliopeo study

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AND IT IS. We will have support to translate in several languages ​​​​simultaneously. 

For the first time in Interpride’s history, the annual meeting and conference will be held in a Latin American and Spanish-speaking country. We are proud to welcome you and make this conference a milestone in the history of Interpride, with your help this will be possible. Guadalajara and Mexico are ready to welcome you with open arms. 20sites%20updated%201.25.pdf 

AND IT IS! We encourage you to sign up at or you can participate in the activities for an additional fee. As a non-member participant, you will not have a vote nor will you be able to join in the decision making of the board. 

You can register to become a member at least sixty (60) days prior to the event by visiting:

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